The Barre Soiree Level 1 Instructor Training gives instructors the tools to lead a safe, fun, and effective Barre fitness class. Barre Soiree is based on Pilates principles of alignment, modified ballet and jazz positions combined with strength training. Barre Soiree is a total mind-body workout set to upbeat music that challenges breathe, balance, stability, mobility, flexibility, agility, and strength.    

A Barre Soiree Level 1 class can be taught in any location with or without a Barre and with or without props. Instructors will be able to take the positions and patterns to begin developing their own choreography. They will also receive a sample Level 1 class on which they can build.

The Barre Soiree Level 1 program is designed to give instructors a deeper understanding of proper body mechanics to achieve the lean body their students desire. Special focus during the training is on the mobility and stability of the joints. Instructors will learn how to apply exercise science safety standards to all levels of participants. Instructors will learn cueing techniques and skills to bring the party!  

The Barre Soiree Level 1 course is an affordable training for instructors needing a foundational stepping stone into teaching Barre Fitness. Instructors are encouraged to stay unique creating their own class title and finding music that their students like. There is no ongoing monthly or yearly fee.

Course includes:
- Instructor Manual
- Level 1 class outline
- Exercise Modifications
- Prop Use
- Continued Education Credits
- Discount on future workshops
- Online and in person support

While there is no prerequisite to taking this course, instructors are encouraged to continue learning through Barre Soiree Level 2 Training as well as mind body & group fitness certifications.


Barre Soiree
Instructor Training Level 1

Saturday 9/30/17

​Kihei, HI

9am - 5pm